Roots and wings…………

‘There are two gifts we should give our children one is roots, and the other is wings’ — Unknown

I first came across this beautiful quote four years ago, and it still resonates with me today as the mother of a young adult.

At the time, it also helped me to reach a decision about her schooling and recognise the importance of strong and supportive friendships, especially during that phase of her life.

And now more than ever if I wish this for my child, why would I not wish it for all? For all our children to have the wings to fly and soar, and the roots to know where they can call home.

Wings — to build confidence and belief in their abilities to pursue their dreams

Roots — to know who they are, where they come from and where home is

Wings — to take some risks, try new things and seek out new horizons.

Roots — to know right from wrong and the people they can rely on and trust.

Wings — to take the lead when they need to

Roots — to hear the wisdom in their hearts when surrounded by noise.

Wings — to be open to new possibilities and opportunities

Roots — to have the judgement to weigh each opportunity with care.

Wings — for courage, when facing, risk and uncertainty.

Roots — for comfort, safety, and security in today’s world

Wings — to travel and explore the world, seek out new horizons

Roots — to grow resilient through the inevitable disappointments in life

Wings — for the friends that she will travel with on her adventures

Roots — for the friends that will be there for her when she needs them

Wings — to say yes, when needed

Roots — to say no, when needed

Roots — to know where they can retreat to when life gets a bit too much.

So, there you have it.

Until next time.

Janice Taylor

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