To ‘Walter Mitty’ and all ‘daydreamers’ out there……………

A reference to the wonderful film, ‘The secret life of Walter Mitty’, where the main character superbly played by the inimical Danny Kaye, ‘escapes’ his ‘hum drum’ life through his ‘day dreams’. Internal ‘vignettes’ in which his character always manages tosave the day’, by being the ‘modest’ but always brilliant hero.

THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY, Danny Kaye, Virginia Mayo, poster art, 1947.

My tendency to ‘daydream’ and become lost in my own ‘internal world’, probably explains why I identify so much with ‘Walter Mitty’ and why after 30 years or so I can fully appreciate the compliment I was being paid when a past boyfriend described me as being ‘mentally alive’. Another incident which had my two younger sisters howling with laughter.

Explains why after reading Biggles I decided to become a fighter pilot until someone pointed out that the RAF were unlikely to take on someone with flat feet. So that was that……..

Then after reading Jennings, I decided to start a detective agency, roped in my sister and we got as far as making some business cards from cardboard. Unfortunately, we didn’t quite manage to find a mystery to solve or a client to help.

Then remember a little further down the line wanting to move into forensic science, until my chemistry lab partner pointed out that it meant dealing with ‘sh*t and stuff’ — and that was enough to kill that one off……….

‘Swallows and Amazons,’ by Arthur Ransome, was another favourite and I had a head full of high adventure and ‘derring-do’ as we learnt to row at Battersea Park and to sail on the Norfolk Broads. In fact as I write this I am reminded of our recent ‘snorkelling adventure’ in Jamaica and I now accept that my days of ‘water based’ adventures are well and truly past.

So I would and could if left to my own devices, ‘day dream ‘ for England. It is something I have done throughout my childhood and continue to do, to the present day. In fact, my ‘day dreaming’ is probably growing rather than diminishing with age.

Which is why without the ‘day to day’ business of running a home and business I treasure our holidays — because I can get so much done. I can simply ‘drift off’ and let my imagination run free and generate all sorts of ideas for blogs, articles, courses and just life in general.

So there you have it, to all us daydreamers out there, until next time…..

Janice Taylor

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Originally published at on August 11, 2016.

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